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  • The future of targeting and online marketing begins with predictive analytics on big data, according to today’s Predictive Analytics World Session presented by Dr. Usama Fayyad.

    Known as the industry’s first chief data officer (his former…

    Posted: 19th October 2011

    Twitter could almost have been created as a tool for scientific analysis. It churns out vast quantities of data in a format that looks perfect for computational crunching. But do tweets reflect what is really going on in the world? The BBC reports…

    Posted: 6th October 2011
  • Huge data sets are a powerful new tool for researchers, but a new paper says it's easy to be overconfident about what can be learned from them.

    The reams of data that many modern businesses collect—dubbed "big data"—can provide…

    Posted: 5th October 2011
  • Women on the front line. Gays in the military. Whether it's gender, sexuality or race, the social categories that allegedly define our humanity are always in the front line.

    It was 1948 before President Truman desegregated races in the US army. The…

    Posted: 4th October 2011
  • There’s always been a mountain of stuff mums and dads need to pack before leaving the house: nappies, toys, change of clothes, snacks, another change of clothes. But, these days, more and more parents are packing laptops, tablet computers, smart…

    Posted: 24th September 2011
  • Stephen Conroy has put his finger on one media loophole, but experts say his inquiry misses some crucial points, writes Tim Dick.

    If something on the TV or radio news strikes you as unfair, you can complain to the broadcaster. If you're not satisfied,…

    Posted: 17th September 2011
  • Call it confirmation bias – I’m sure it has a part to play – but I recommend you read this new paper by Microsoft Research’s Danah Boyd and Kate Crawford of the University of New South Wales in which they pose questions to…

    Posted: 16th September 2011

    Journalism experts fear the Gillard government's media inquiry, which is expected not to examine bias or media ownership, is shaping up to be a missed opportunity and waste of time.

    The inquiry's terms of reference are expected to be released…

    Posted: 14th September 2011
  • An Australian inquiry into media bias would ignore the bigger crisis facing newspapers in the digital age.

    Does Australia need an inquiry into the news media? It does, but not for the reasons that prompted Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Senator Bob…

    Posted: 18th August 2011

    The far-reaching powers of digital technology have ignited a fierce debate about the portrayal of women.


    From smoothing skin and removing wrinkles to enlarging muscles and slimming waists, airbrushing men and women to…

    Posted: 5th August 2011

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