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  • A social justice advocate and an anti-violence campaigner and journalist from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to improving the lives of women at the 2011 NSW Woman of the Year Awards.


    Posted: 11th March 2011

    Tony Abbott’s decision to fight the next election in Tea Party mode is taking the Liberal Party - and Australia - towards a new kind of politics.

    It’s been a long while since a campaign of fear-driven street demonstrations has been…

    Posted: 11th March 2011
  • Carol: Mike, do you really think a bunch of women can save a park?

    Mike: Honey, I think a bunch of stirred-up women can save just about anything. Except money!

    THAT Mike Brady's quite a wag, isn't he? Those gals and their spending! But this little…

    Posted: 5th March 2011
  • Decency has been left on the bench in the AFL teen scandal.

    When I was 15, my friends and I would stand for hours in a lane at the back of the Newcastle Civic Theatre hoping to meet visiting rock stars from bands such as Sherbet. Dressed in our…

    Posted: 27th February 2011
  • More allegations have surfaced of behavioural issues within the Defence Force after a damning report highlighted a culture of predatory sexual behaviour aboard Naval supply ship HMAS Success.

    An independent inquiry was commissioned by Defence Force…

    Posted: 23rd February 2011
  • The teenage girl at the centre of the St Kilda nude picture scandal is embroiled in a fresh controversy involving a prominent AFL player agent. Professor Catharine Lumby, Director of JMRC, UNSW, is interviewed on ABC The 7.30 Report.  More.


    Posted: 21st February 2011
  • THE professor who is helping to change NRL players' attitudes towards women says it is time the AFL and its clubs and players looked beyond the law to questions of basic decency, as further revelations emerged yesterday concerning a 17-year-old girl…

    Posted: 20th February 2011
  • A FORMER judge, lawyers, academics, politicians and intelligence officers have joined mounting calls for a public inquiry into charges that the Australian government and its agencies were complicit in the seizure of Mamdouh Habib and his torture in…

    Posted: 19th February 2011
  • THE federal government is on track for an April start to its review of classification laws for its planned internet filtering legislation.

    A spokesman for Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said state and territory censorship ministers had agreed…

    Posted: 14th December 2010

    A response to The Weekend Australian's summary of its editorial position on climate change

    THE Australian is undoubtedly the most serious newspaper in Australia and its record on climate change matters because of this. More importantly, its…

    Posted: 11th December 2010

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