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  • DUBBED the "Swiss Army knives of the digital age", they may one day make laptop computers redundant.

    Smartphones - mobile phones with features such as email, internet searches and a full keyboard - have been hailed as the consumer technology hit of…

    Posted: 20th December 2009
  • THE Moron Test is as kind as it sounds, the aim not so much to raise your IQ as to ask: ''Are you a complete idiot?'' It offers brain-teasers that plot users as they progress through seven levels, from ''Bonehead'' and ''Average Mammal'', up to…

    Posted: 20th December 2009
  • Kevin Rudd has lost thousands of followers in the past week. Twitter followers, that is. When the Federal Government announced its internet censorship plan was set to go ahead, Twitter followers and bloggers launched an immediate viral campaign to…

    Posted: 18th December 2009
  • Senator Stephen Conroy's consultation paper on mandating the filtering of internet sites by Australian internet service providers suggests that our nation could soon have the most restrictive internet regime in the Western world. More...

    Posted: 17th December 2009

    Kate Crawford and Kath Albury

    Journalism and Media Research, UNSW

    'In conversation' about mobile phones, regulation and sexual citizenship at the fibreculture forum on Freedom and Control in the Australian Broadband Network, December 16, 2009 at…

    Posted: 16th December 2009
  • University of NSW media professor Catharine Lumby said child psychologists often worked from a presumption that TV was bad without having done detailed research into the area ...

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    Posted: 15th November 2009
  • It seems no one wants to be left behind - even the Royal Opera - as micro-blogging sweeps the universe. Rosemary Neill explores the pros and cons

    KEVIN Rudd is nerding it up on Twitter, updating almost 500,000 followers about a couple of new Akubras…

    Posted: 17th October 2009
  • IF EVERY person resigned after having an affair, ''there would be a lot of empty offices'', says a psychologist, Clif Evers.

    The University of NSW lecturer cautioned against taking the moral high ground in the Della Bosca incident. More...

    Posted: 2nd September 2009
  • A DECADE ago, I was forced to defend a radio program that I hosted called The Triple M Sex Show.

    The Howard government's communications minister, senator Richard Alston, along with senator Brian Harradine, had determined that it was too risqué…

    Posted: 18th April 2009
  • The JMRC was invited to be part of a successful re-bid for the Centre of Excellence, which has since received $6 million in funding from the Australian Research Council.

    Professor Catharine Lumby, UNSW's designated Chief Investigator in the Centre,…

    Posted: 10th March 2009

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