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Aussie kids at higher risk in cyberspace - new report

  • Author: Catharine Lumby
  • Posted: 3rd November 2011

Children in Australia are among the earliest in the world to learn how to use the internet, but three in ten of them have seen disturbing material or experienced cyber-bullying.

These findings come from a major new international study in online practices of 25,500 children in Europe and Australia.

The research shows that Australian kids are more likely to be exposed to harmful content on the web and indulge in risky online practices than children from many other countries as they start using the internet at a younger age than in most countries.

The report was produced by a team from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi), including UNSW Journalism and Media Research Centre Director, Catharine Lumby.

Read more at‘earliest-internet-users’

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