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A/Prof Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford

Senior Research Fellow - JMRC Deputy Director

Journalism and Media Research Centre

BA(Hons), PhD

Research Summary

Kate Crawford is an Associate Professor in the Journalism and Media Research Centre. Her research focuses on social change and media technologies, particularly the terrain between humans, mobiles and social networks. She has published widely on cultures of technology use, and is interested in the way media histories inform the present.

Kate recently completed the largest study of mobile media use by 18-30 year olds in Australia, funded by the Australian Research Council. It used both qualitative and quantitative methods to look at the role of the mobile in relation to ideas of friendship, intimacy and social connectedness. In 2010-2011, she conducted ethnographic research in India on the current uses of networked technologies and the growing significance of the mobile.

In 2008, Kate won the biennial medal for outstanding scholarship from the Australian Academy of the Humanities. Her book Adult Themes (Macmillan, 2006) was the first book on contemporary adulthood in Australia, and it documented the shifting relationships to work, property, family and politics. It won the individual category of the Manning Clark National Cultural Award. Her next book is the co-authored Internet Adaptations: Language, Technology, Media, Power (Palgrave Macmillan).

Research interests

•social and cultural impact of media technologies

•mobile media

•emerging forms of media listening: attention and distraction in networked environments

• media history



Crawford, Kate. Adult Themes; Rewriting the Rules of Adulthood. Sydney: Macmillan, 2006.

Chesher, Chris, Crawford, Kate and Dunn, Anne. Understanding The Internet: Language, Technology, Media, Power. Palgrave: forthcoming.

Book chapters

Crawford, K. 2010. ‘News To Me: Twitter and the Personal Networking of News’, in News Online, edited by Graham Meikle and Guy Redden, 135-156. London: Palgrave.

Crawford, K. 2010. ‘Listening, not Lurking: The Neglected Form of Participation’, in Cultures of Participation, edited by Hajo Grief, Larissa Hjorth, and Amparo Lasén. Peter Lang: Berlin. In press.

Crawford, K. and Goggin, G. 2010. ‘Generation Disconnections: Youth Culture & Mobile Media’, in Mobile Communication: Bringing Us Together or Tearing Us Apart?, edited by Rich Ling and Scott Campbell, The Mobile Communication Research Series: Volume II. New Brunswick: Transaction. In press.

Crawford, K. 2010. ‘Buying In: On Adulthood and Home Ownership Ideologies’, in The Problem of Contemporary Adulthood: Calendars, Cartographies, and Constructions, edited by Judith Burnett. London: Palgrave. In press.

Crawford, Kate.“These Foolish Things: On Intimacy and Insignificance in Mobile Media.” In Mobile Technologies: From Telecommunications to Media, edited by Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth, 252-265. New York: Routledge, 2009.

Crawford, Kate. 'The Real Housing Horror Story” in Doig, Tom (ed),The National Writers' Festival Anthology, Newcastle: Affirm Press, 2009.

Crawford, Kate. 'Control-Shift: Censorship and the Internet', in Lumby, Catharine and Probyn, Elspeth (eds.) Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2003. *

Crawford, Kate. 'Representing the Asylum Seekers: An Interview with Linda Jaivan', in Lumby, Catharine and Probyn, Elspeth (eds.) Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Recent journal articles and conference proceedings

Crawford, K. and Goggin, G. 2010. ‘Moveable Types: The Emergence of Mobile Social Media in Australia, in Media Asia Journal, Vol 37 No 4, in press.

Crawford, K. 2010.‘What’s Happening? Banality and Intimacy in Mobile and Social Media’, in Humanities Australia, issue 1, pp 64-71.

Crawford, K. 2010. ‘Noise, Now: Listening to Networks,’ in Meanjin, Vol. 69, No. 2, June, pp 64-69.

Crawford, Kate. 'Following you: Disciplines of Listening in Social Media', Continuum, Vol 23 (4), 2009, pp 525-535.

Crawford, K. 2009. ‘Emergency Environmentalism: On Fear, Lifestyle Politics and Subjectivity, Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities, vol 14, 2, pp 29 - 35.

Crawford, Kate. ‘Listening as Participation: Social Media and Metaphors of Hearing Online’, The Good, The Bad and The Challenging: The User and The Future of Information and Communication Technologies, COST 298 Conference proceedings. Copenhagen: COST, 2009.

Crawford, Kate. 'Adult Responsibility in Insecure Times', Soundings, Issue 41, Spring, 2009: pp 45-55.

Crawford, Kate and Goggin, Gerard. 'Handsome Devils: Mobile imaginings of Youth Culture', Global Media Journal, Vol 2, 2008.

Other Information

Recent events

In the second half of 2011, A/Prof Kate Crawford has been invited to collaborate with danah boyd at Microsoft Research in Boston. They will be developing research projects around young people uses of social and mobile media.

A/Prof Crawford recently appeared on ABC TV on the Fora program, presenting her lecture on mobile and social media in Australia. You can watch it here:
Always With Me: How Mobile and Social Media Are Changing Us

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